Gullivers Travels 2: Travel Documents

Baaaah, hello!

My naaaaame is Gulliver. I come from Ontaaaaario, Caaaaanada, and I am on a journey aaaall around the world to meeeeeeet sheepy frieeeends.

Baaton was so sweet and let me baaah to ewe about my neeeew things:

I have a Traaavelcaaard now. Quite literally.

See, It’ s a caaaard I will be traaavelling in. It holds my paaassport, too 🙂

It fits nicely into an averaaaage size envelope, and the other sheep here say it’s really traaaaaaaaavelling in style 🙂

my travelcard

Ewe see, eeeeeveryone I visit caaaaan write their naaaame, the naaaaame of the plaaaaace where they live and the daaaaate when I arrived  into my paaaaassport, and I fit snuggly into the baaaaasket on the other side  🙂

I like flying in my basket

on the front the caaaaard has a lot of blaaaaank spaaaaace. Here my friends can draaaaaw a ‘travel sticker’  of their home  so everyone caaaaan see where I already have beeeeeeen on my journey.

so much more to see!

I am veeeery haaaappy about my new things aaaand I hope ewes like them too.

have a haaaappy time everyone aaaand I send a special heeeeello to my Maaaa and Baaaa and my friend CHOP in Baaaaancroft, Ontario! *waves hooffs*




Gullivers Travels : Gulliver arrives in Germany!


Hello my dear fellow wollbearers, today I will introduce  ewe to a teeny visitor from Canada who has started on a loooong journey around the world:


I told ewes that I have a faaaacebaah account? well, I joined a club called CHOP which is run by our dear friend CHOP and his Maah and Baah from Canada.

Now CHOP send out his ickle friend Gulliver to staaaay with us for a while.

And Gulliver is a veeery adventurous ickle baaah: he waaaants to visit as maaaany of our sheepfriends as possible, traaaavelling by maaaaaaail 🙂

...and already very populaaaar wif the laaadies

Now he has arriveded here, and ewe can see, he has aaaalready made friends with the flock. Specially the little ones are have really taaaaken to him.

He will join us on our travels to the rehaaaaaab Maaah will staaaart next week ( whatevvah that is, but I’m going with her, so I’ll tell ewes when I find out) aaaand then she will send him off to, wait for it, Irelaaaand!

Baaaah! I wish I could fit into that envelope, too!

I will keep ewes posted on what will haaappen next, but but but, might taaaake a while as rehabs, whatevvah they are, seemingly don’t have interwebs accesses for blogsheeep *sniff*

If ewes like sheepy fun and are on facebaaaah too,  ewe might want to join CHOP, is a very nice flock, and ewe can find everything sheep that the membaaahs find on the interwebs there. And of course ewe are going to meet CHOP, one of the coolest sheep imaginable 😉


Baaton 😀

New year Baaah!

New Year Paaaarty

Hello my woolly friends!

I hope ewes all had a lovely Neeew Yeeear Paaaarty!
We surely did  😀
We did not go out at aaaall, as all the ground was frozen and it was faaaaar to slippery to go.

But but but Maaah and her Oneandonely and her Baaah had a great idea. We had a look at the fireworks from the sitting room window!

Is a biiiig skylight and we haaaaad the bestest view ever!

All those fireworks right over our heads!

And was gooood music on teevee, too. Calleded Pet Shop Boys.

Really gooood and, I guess is fitting for the flock.  We aaaaare Maaah’s pets, not? 🙂

waaas lots of fun!

Christmas Sheeep-Maaail

Aaas I mentioned before, weeee got some loovely gifts and caaards  from aaaaall over the world, like ickle baaah from Caaanada and the great boook from Irelaaaand. Maaah aaalready haaad a look and laaaaugheded so hard her Baaah came running and aaasked if she waaas allright 😀

Aaaand we got this lovely paaaarcel from caaanada with little Baah in it and a woooonderful shear-free blaaaankie and caaaandy ( I think one sort is caaallded ‘reindeer droppings’, they are candy corn, but with christmassy colours) Aaaand  there were christmaaas crackers and Sheeep PEZ (nomnomnom) aaaand Maaahs Oneandonely got some cooool shear-free mooose socks! Annnd Maaah found a sweet ickle Baaahrooch in an ickle box, and Molly was alloweded to wear it for a  photo 😀 It was not eeeasy to get it baaaaack *lol*

haaave a goooood time,

Your friend,

Baaton Wooller

Happy New Year!



ewe got mail!



Hello fellow Sheep and Sheepfriends!


Yesterday arrived a laaarge parcel from Caaaanada, wif loads of lovely stuff for Maaah and her Oneandonely (he got shearfree socks!), and one of the things in there was an ickle Baah from our friend CHOP.

Aaaaand today arrived another paaarcel, from Ireland this time, aaand it brought a loveeely boook for Maaah to read! And, guess what, ickle Baah from Caaaanada can already read paaart of the title, now isn’t that a clever baaaah?





Maaah is very very haaaappy about aaall the gifties and aaaall the lovely Christmaaaas Cards that arriveded within the laaaast weeks. I willl post some moooore piccies laaater.

We aaall here wish ewes a veeeery haaaappy New Year!



Baaton Wooller


and aaaaaaall his Flock



I have a FaceBaah!

Finally I can play and chat and do aaaall the things Maaaa and her Oneandonly do aaaall the time.

I have met a lot of sheeeep from a lot of plaaaces, and have joined two sheep groups already!

Please add me if ewe like, I aaalways love making new friends 🙂

Just search for Baaton Wooller Jr.  🙂

Then I adopted my own sheep on Super Poke Pets.

here he is :

There are many friendly humaaans on SPP, and I friended a doooog, too! (Hello, Rudy!)

Maaa took me into her SPP club, Sheep Fans United, and maaade me Officer! Wow, now isn’t that baaaaahworthy?

There are other gaaames on FaceBaah as well, like Fairyland.

I maaade an ickle gaaarden and caaalled it Clover Valley. I thought that waaay Molly would have enuff vegitabibbles and heeeeeeeeerbs for her cooking, but somehow ewe are supposed to plant clouds and butterflies and beeeeees. But is fun and ewe meet lots of friendly fairies and their humaaaans. Maaa met CHOPs Maaa and Baaa through Fairylaaand, and we are veerry haaappy about thaaaaat!

my Fairyland Garden

As ewe can see, there are two Christmas Trees. When they are ready for harvest, Rudolph might visit the garden! The little glasses are freshly planted New Year’s Flowers, there is a Poinsettia which will turn into a little present (maa says will be gold to spend) and the lovely icy blue one is an Ice Flower. The one in the Ball pot is a Capricorn plant, and it attracts a Sea Goat!

That is a Sea Goat:


Maah says as all Zodiac plants attract the Zodiac creatures, there will be RAMs soon! Yoooohoooo!

The other gaaaame I staaarted is caalleded Mousehunt. I really enjoy catching meeces! And there are veeery interesting meeeces to be found, I even caught a Gold Mouse!

Meeces in Mousehunt come in all sizes, here is one I caught today:

Missile Toe Mouse

Maah says Mousehunt seems to be a good compensational game for people who play Fairyland, but I don’t know what she means by that. Maybe I will learn more about that eventually. I’ll keeeep ewes posted.

Maaah has her own Blog now!

For unsheepish things, she says. For posting some Photos, and Artwork, and let off steam. *lol* well, we’ll see… here ewe can find it:

She hasn’t baaaaah’d much yet, as she says she has to supervise mine first. Baah…


See ewes soon,

yours truly,

Baaton Wooller

Have ewerself a merry little Christmas….

 Hello my fellow Woolbearers!

O raaaam, we surely had a lovely time this Christmas.

First we looked at the photos Maa had made from the christmas market in Cologne. We sheep couldn’t go because it was shnooooowing so baaadly that it would have ended in shneezles! And we don’t want shneezles for Christmas! 

Look here, what a shnooow:

Snow snow snow in Cologne

 There was a place called ‘Wintergasse’ where ewe were able to buy… well,  I think ewe can have a guess…



Later they came to a lovely carrousel, and there was a white horse called Rex, and a black horse called King! I wonder if they reign together *giggle*



on Christmas Eve, Maa decorated the Christmas Tree. It is very beautiful, and the cats like it very much, too.

we wish ewe a meowy christmas!

Everyone had a good christmas cuddle and we gathered around the Christmas Tree, and even had our photo taken 🙂

Flocking around the Christmas Tree


Later even Mephi came to join us, even though he’s a pretty shy cat and usually doesn’t like too much partying. Maaaybe it was because Maahley and Molly had the great idea to put some kabibbles out and Mephi didn’t want to leave it all to Findus!

hello Mephi!


After the photosession Maa’s Baa wanted to watch the Christmas Concert on teevee, but Findus was not too impressed.

Oh, and Molly wanted to have her photo taken with a specially nice looking tangerine.

They are both very beautiful 🙂


And then, at shleeping time, old Schaf settled to tell us the story of the little lamb that went to search for a special shepherd.

I think I shall write it down for ewes 🙂

It is  a very old story and has been told from one generaaation of sheeeep to the other. Here goes:

Many, many years ago, in a little valley not far from a little town, lived a little lamb called Beenny. Beenny lived happily with his Maaa and Baaaa and aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters and many many cousins.

They were a very happy flock, they always had lovely greens to eat, the valley was a good place to live for sheep, the sheepdog, his name was Rudy, never bit any of them, and the shepherds were nice people who never neglected or forgot them. But the shepherds were always sad. They never ever smiled!

That was the one thing that worried Beenny, and one evening at bed time he asked Rudy why the shepherds always looked so sad when they talked about their family and the little town where they came from.

Rudy scratched his ear with his hind paw for a while. ‘Well’, he said, ‘you see I think it’s because they don’t have a shepherd.’ ‘Baaah!’ Said Beenny, ‘they are humaaaans, they don’t neeeed a shepherd!’ ‘Oh humbug,’ said Rudy, ‘every living thing needs a good shepherd.’ And with that, Rudy turned around and started snoring.

‘Oh I see’ said little Beenny. ‘Maybe I should go and find a gooood shepherd for my humaaaans. Maybe there is one in the little town and only they never noticed him. A goood shepherd isn’t the loudest humaaan. Nor the one with the brightest clothes. Yes, that’s it, there must be one, they just never noticed.’

Beenny wandered off towards the little town that lay in the valley. There were a lot of people there. He had been there before, but never had he seen that many people! There were people everywhere, in every house, he saw some sleeping on the roofs, and some camping in the streets.

‘Aah’ said Beenny, ‘with so many people, there must be a shepherd for my humaaans here.’ He walked up to one of the men in the tents and asked him: ‘are ewe the Shepherd of my shepherds?’ But the man did not understand. All he heard was ‘baahbaahbeeh?’ ‘Hello!’ he said, ‘you are a lovely lamb. Come and stay for dinner!’ Beenny did not like the look in the man’s eyes when he said that and ran off.

Beenny walked from one of the humaaans he saw to the other, always asking the same question: ‘are ewe the Shepherd of my shepherds?’ But the people did not understand what he said. All they heard was ‘baahbaaah beeh?’

After a while, Beenny felt very sad, and tired, and hungry. He wanted to go home. But somehow in all the hustle and bustle he had lost his way. He felt very very lonely. He felt his whole idea must have been very very stupid. Only because somewhere were a lot of people that doesn’t mean there would be the one one is looking for.

‘Hey little one’ he heard someone say and looked around. It was an old donkey. ‘Don’t you think you are a little far from your flock?’ ‘oooh baaaaah’, said little Beenny,’ I think I am lost. I tried to find a shepherd for my shepherds, because everyone needs a shepherd, but nobody understands me. And now I cannot find my way home.’ ‘Poor little lamb’ said the donkey, ‘ I don’t know the way to your flock, but I can take you to my stable for the rest of the night. There are some people there, too, but there should still be room for a little lamb like you.’ ‘Why are there people in your stable?’ asked Beenny. ‘come to think of it, why are there so maaaaany people everywhere? I have been here before, but usually there are far more sheeeep here than people.’

‘Oh they are being counted’ said the donkey. ‘Counted?’ asked Beenny. ‘Do they have to jump over a fence and someone says one, two, three, a lot?’ Oh no no no, I ‘m afraid not. That would be funny to see. No they have to go to a house and say their name and who their parents are and then they are being counted. You see, they are humans. They always have to complicate the easiest things.’ ‘Oh I see’ said Beenny. ‘and the ones that are at your stable are here to be counted, too? Are they good people? Maybe one of them is the shepherd I am looking for?

‘I don’t think anyone of them is a shepherd,’ the donkey said. ‘But they are a nice couple. The man is a carpenter, and his wife will be having a baby. Too bad they had to travel all the way here. There was no more room anywhere, so they ended up in my stable. I went to try and find a blanket, because the baby will need something warm when it arrives. But I didnt find one’. ‘That is saaad’ Beeny said. ‘I have been shorn only once yet, but my shepherd maade a lovely little blanket out of my wool. I wish it was here, then I could give it to ewe for the baby’.

Together they trotted to the donkey’s stable that stood right at the end of the little town. ‘Ewe know what? Said Beenny, ‘I am not a blanket, but I can give them some of my wool. It’s waaaarm and soft!’ ‘You are a very nice little lamb, Beenny’ said the donkey.

When they approached the stable they saw that it was bathed in a beautiful bright light, and there was wonderful music in the air. But the best thing Beenny could see, was that his flock was there! There was his Maaa and his Baaa and all his sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins, and his shepherds, and Rudy was there, too. He was so happy to see them!

‘Beenjamin Baalthasar Sheep!’ Rudy said. ‘where have you been? We had all been looking for ewe when the man in the bright light appeared and said we should come here to see the new king!’

‘Aw.’ said Beenny. ‘The new king? That’s soo saad. I was hoping I could find the Shepherd for our shepherds here. But it is only a king.’ ‘Oh humbug’ said Rudy. ‘king is what the shepherds call their shepherd. But you really shouldn’t leave the flock like that. We have all been very worried about you, little one. So now go and have a look at the new king. He’s in there, in the stable.’

Beenny tiptoed through all the sheep into the stable, and there he saw a happy father and a happy mother and a tiny little baby in a manger. When he walked up to the baby he said ‘are ewe the Shepherd of my shepherds?’ and the baby looked at him and giggled and reached out with his little hand. ‘Oh yes’ said Beeny. ‘Ewe are the Shepherd of my shepherds. And mine, too.’ And just when he wanted to offer the father his wool to keep the baby warm, his shepherd walked up and gave the mother a little blanket. ‘Take this to keep the baby warm’ he said, ‘it has been made with the first wool of our tiniest lamb, this one here, our little Benjamin!’

And the mother took the blanket and wrapped the little baby in it. Everyone was very happy, but the happiest was the little lamb who lay next to the manger and watched his shepherds and saw them smile.

We wish ewes all a very Merry Christmas! Fleece Navidad!

ewers truly,

Baaton Wooller and all flockmembers 🙂


Hello my dear woolly friends!

Have ewe noticed the new scaaaaaaaaaaandal?

Wherever ewe go ewe seeeee the headlines: it’s shnowing!!

Meteorologists predict it to last for weeks!

It’s a brand new epidemic, it staaaarts round Noveeember and seems to end round the end of Februaaary: they call it WINTER.  And they have found to their great astonishment, that WINTER is COLD.

A catastrophe ceeertainly never heeeard of in Western Europe, and definitely worth a full front paaaage for more than one national geeerman neeewspaper that wants to be taken seeeeriously.

What an inferno! Peeeeople have to wear WARM CLOTHES! They might eeeeven think they should sheeear us to make woollen mittens and hats! Eeeearwarmers! Unimaginable!

Surely the ultimate worse case sceeenerio!

Sheeeeep  of all countries, unite!

Weeee can not staaaand and stare at them pulling the wool over our eyes like that!


Excuse me for beeeing so brief. I am off to ride my sled and build a shnowsheep, while it lasts.

Fuzzy shnowy greetings,


Baaton Wooller

It’s shnowing!

Hello, fellow Woolbearers!

This is Fluff reporting for ewes from the Great Shnowfall of November 2010… I am happy to say we have shnow. Maaah made a hat for me, and a scarf. She says if we are lucky the shnow will stay until afternoon.

I threw a shnowball on Findus’s head and he seems to not like shnow. Weird critters, cats.

fluff in shnow

cool hat, huh? 😀


Shnow is faaaaalling
sheepy soft wooly flakes
Shnow is faaaaalling
lil shnowsheep from heaven it takes

Shnow is faaaaalling
It’s time for lil sheep to play
Shnow is faaaaaaalling
Let’s make a shnowsheep today!


I want skis!!!!!

Baaaaah! I LOVE SHNOW!!!!!

Stay cool and be cooler,

yours truly,

Fluff Wooller 😉


Hello my dear hungry friends!

Now that it’s coooold and white outside I am sure ewes will welcome a goood warm soup. A specially for ewes winter soup. here comes:


1 smaaaall  butternut squash
2 aaaapples
2 cans (13 oz.) chicken broth
1 qt. water
1 onion, chopped
1 c. diced celery
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. rosemary, crumbled
1/4 tsp. marjoram, crumbled
2 banaaaanas, peeled and chunked
1 green pepper, chunked
1/2 c. chopped paaarsley
Shredded Swiss cheese
Peel, seed and chunk squash and aaaapple. Combine with chicken broth, water, onion, celery, salt, rosemary and maaaarjoram. Cover, simmer 30 minutes until squaaash is tender. Cool 10 minutes. Remove squaaaaash to blender jaaaar along with 1/4 cup pan broth. Whirl in blender until smooth. Pour baaaaaack into pan. Spoon aaaapples into blender jaaaaar along with 1/4 cup pan broth. Whirl until smooth. Add banaaaaanas to blender. Whirl until smooth. Pour baaaaack into pan, stirring until mixture is smooth. Add pepper and paaaaaarsley. Simmer 15 minutes longer. Top with serving with cheese and croutons.
This should feed a flock of three.
Stay haaappy and heaaaalthy,
always yours,
Molly Maaalone XXX

welcoming a new sheep to the flock!

Hello my fellow woolbearers,

once again our flock has grown!

I am haaaappy to introduce little Truffles. He is a very cute little sheeeeeep that came aaaall the way from London to become a meeember of our happy little flock.

Truffles says baaah baah! (= hello)

The special thing about Truffles is that he can sit on his butt and stand on all fours without any outside help. That is veeery special for a stuffysheep like us! He looks a little bit like the Superpoke Pets sheep I mentioned in my last baah, don’t ewe think?

standing up for ewes!

We are aaaaall veeery haaappy to haaave him and and welcomed him with a lot of gooooood cuddles and a helping of Molly’s Plum Cake!

friends furrever!

Oh, yes, Molly’s Plum Cake…  knew I was supposed to say something… here comes Molly and the recipe!

Have a goood day, see ewes,

love, Baaton xxxx

Molly’s Plum Cake

Hello my little woolly friends!

I hope ewes are having a wonderful tiiiime now that the summer is goooone and the world is turning colourful again 🙂

I thought and thought what I could choose and found this lovely little nom for ewes!

It’s the time of the year to go blue:  Let’s go plum cake!

ewes will need:

1 kilo prunes, halved and pitted (not peeled!)
1 stick butter 1/4 cup shortening , softened
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
pinch salt
1 cup flour
1 1/2 tablespoons milk
some brown sugar
Preeeeheat the oven to 325°F and greeease a 9″x13″ baking pan. (Ewe might use baking paaaper, but greased tastes nicer)
Mix together the sugar and butter & shortening until well combined.
Add aaall the other things (except for the plums) and maaake a nice dough, best with a mixer.
Spread the batter over the baking pan (it will be a veeery thin layer, ewe better use your spatula to spread it).
Place the plum halves skin side down in rows on top of the batter. Bake for  up to 1 hour, until the dough is nicely browned and the plums a lovely purple colour.  Turn off the heat. Sprinkle the caaake with the brown sugar and put back for another two or three minutes!
Tastes beeeest if left in a cool dark place overnight, but beware the buzzers, they love it too!
Serve with a nice dollop of sour cream or thick  sheeeep yoghurt 🙂

I hope ewes aaaall will like this little something

Stay happy and healthy,


Molly Maaaalone  xxxx